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About iStitch

At iStitch we provide all our clients with high standard services - with a friendly and understanding approach we will take your ideas on board and work through them in a professional manner. As a dressmaker with over 20 years of experience I can assure that your garment will be in safe hands and only the highest quality materials used. My passion for designing and dressmaking goes back to when I was a kid - helping out my grandma with her own creations. Just like that, I see my own young daughter keen on hand-creating and making her ideas come alive. Therefore I believe it's important to find a role model in life, as well as be one! So I wish all of the beautiful people reading this to find inspiration that gets you to your dreams, because you definitely inspire me to be a creator of your beautiful garments.

Singer sewing machine, history and present times of dressmaking at iStitch


Once upon a time, in a far-away land of New Jearsey, Singer was born (1881 to be precise). Singer the sewing machine, that was later owned by my grandma, who was my first inspiration to start sewing. As time moved on, I found myself in a design school, mastering the skill and before I knew it - iStitch was born! Grandma's legacy still lives on in form of inspiration, some patterns she made & Singer the sewing machine, that I continue to use.

Singer sewing machine from 19th century, still used today to create made to measure wedding dresses and other gaments by iStitch
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